Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feb. 28th, 2008

It's been about 2 weeks since the Grammys. Seems like a lot longer. Congratulations to Paul Winter for taking home the Grammy for Best New Age album. His Crestone album is a beautiful piece of music. All the nominees this year put out great records. I guess my year is yet to come. That's fine. I'm a very patient man.

I've been very busy in the studio working with all kinds of great musicians. In the last few weeks I've had Richard Hardy here playing some exotic flutes and wind instruments. Joseph Firecrow was just here playing Native American flue on some tracks for me for a project I'm doing for a German record label. Mike Hamilton was here playing guitar with Joseph Firecrow and I for a special "Home Concert" feature for Echoes, the syndicated radio show that goes out to over 150 radio stations around the United States. We recorded three songs "live" from the Sacred Earth "Wind of the East" album and had an extensive interview session with John Diliberto (famed radio show host and music critic) . This should be aired in the next few months. Sacred Earth is a project that I'm spear heading. Our first series of CD's is on the Four Directions based in Native American tradition. Red Feather records, a division of Four Winds, is putting them out. Bill Miller, Grammy winning Native American vocalist was featured on Wind of the West; Kevin Locke and Rita Coolidge are featured on Wind of the North and Joseph Firecrow and Arvel Bird are featured on Wind of the East. I haven't gotten to Wind of the South yet. But I will soon. I should have some info up on my website about this sometime soon.

Dominic Miller, legendary guitarist for Sting (17 years) and Phil Collins and many others, was here for a whole week recording tracks with me for a new record we're doing. I won't go into much more about that record right now because we're still working on it. I'm very excited about this project. I've been a huge fan of Dominic's playing for many many years and those of you that know me also know what a huge Sting fan I am. We've got a couple awesome guest artists coming in and playing on this record as well. This is an all acoustic album that's awesomely spacious, beautiful and soulful. Alright, I already said too much.

Anyway, as overly busy as I am and as tough as the music business has become over the last 10 years, I still feel grateful and honored to have so many talented people to work with and to have my life's work be all about making beautiful music. It's a gift and a privilege. And receiving all the emails and letters from the people that listen and appreciate my work really goes a long way. Thank you for taking the time to let me know that you're listening and "getting" it. Take care!!


  1. Peter, Today you played at Unity Center of Walnut Creek, and I was time constrained so I didn't get a chance to say thank you and how wonderful your music is. My son and I started taking piano lessons two months ago, and now I know what to aspire to! Thank you for joining us today.
    Lisa Nichols

  2. Mr. Kater, A friend of mine, James Starke, has recommeded your cd's to me. I am looking forward to hearing your music for the first time. :)